Frontier Mix Grill
Char grilled kebabs of Fish, Lamb and Chicken delivered on sizzling platter.
All of our Kebabs are made using quality meat marinated overnight using
specially selected spices to deliver a delicate but unmistakable flavour.
Mixed Tapas
A sizzler of Lamb and Chicken Kebabs along with Methi Pakora, Onions rings
and peppers.

Chicken Starters

Murg Purluft
Chicken delicately spiced, layered with Shahi Jeera & fresh coriander giving a mild but full flavoured dish.
Murg Tikka
Chicken breast marinated in tandoori massala and char grilled in clay oven.
Murg Haryali Tikka
Chicken in a tangy green marinade that can be spiced up with a touch of green chilli.
Tandoori Murg
Succulent chicken quarters marinaded in tangy tandoori massala and cooked
on the bone in the clay oven. These take a little longer to cook so please allow
some additional time.

Narangi Chussa

Char grilled chicken delicately flavoured with an Orange marinade.


Lamb Starters

Patiyala Seekh
Tenderised Seekh of lamb mince in specially selected spices, cooked in the tandoor.
A hint of green chilli provides a fresh level of spice.
Shami Kebab
Patty of minced lamb, expertly seasoned with a selection of spices and pan fried.
Lamb Samosa
Finely minced lamb laced with delicate spices and wrapped in a fine pastry envelope.
Barra Kebab
Lamb chops grilled in the Tandoor and flavoured with a tangy red chilli
marinade making them a little bit on the spicy side of medium.

Seafood Starters

Our seafood is sourced from suppliers registered with
Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ensuring its sustainability.

Tarelli Machli
Delicately flavoured pan seared Seabass with a hint of Saffron and mild spices.
Please check with waiter for availability.
Mahi Tikka Achari
Tandoori grilled speciality fish marinated in mustard, lime and a hint of chilli.
Prickli Fish
Mildly spiced Fish coated in a light batter and covered with gram flour vermicelli.
Macchi Pakora
Finely blended fish cakes marinated in lime, ginger, garlic and coated in a
spiced gram flour batter.
Angoori Jhinga
Huge jumbo Prawns in a spiced marinade flavoured with garlic and char grilled in
tandoori clay oven.

Vegetarian starters

Pani Puri
Crispy puri, loaded up with beautifully flavoured pani, green salsa, spiced
chickpeas and chopped onions. Vegan Friendly
Koshimbir Salad
Maharastrian Salad made with cucumber, onions and lentils and drizzled with
a spiced salsa. Vegan Friendly
Bhel Puri
A West coast speciality from Mumbai. Savoury puffed rice, puri, vermicelli,
potato and chick peas combined with a tangy tamarind chutney. Vegan Friendly
Samosa Chaat
Another Indian street food regular. Deconstructed Samosa covered in spiced
curd, drizzled with a tangy tamarind sauce and a spiced mint chutney then
topped with a sprinkling of fine vermicelli.
Paneer Tikka
Sliced Paneer in a hot and tangy tandoori massala, with green peppers and
onions, grilled in the clay oven.
Vada Paw
A golden yellow spicey potato croquette served with sweet tamarind, green
chutney and a spicey marathi massala. A punchy regular on the Mumbai street
food circuit served wrapped in a bun. Vegan Friendly
Sabudana Vada
Highly nutritious Sago pearls combined in a spiced pattis and served with a
chutney dressing. Vegan Friendly
Chilly Mogo
Double cooked Cassava pan fried with dry spices and coriander.Vegan Friendly
Chilly Paneer
Cottage cheese tossed with onion and capsicum, chillies and herbs.
Veg Samosa
Spiced vegetables wrapped in a crispy filo pastry triangle and served with
speciality chutney.Vegan Friendly

Royal Harra Bhara

Pan fried patties of spinach with a mix of Paneer, fresh mint, ginger and mild spices.


Onion Bhaji

Onion slivers in crispy batter. Vegan Friendly


Veg Manchurian

Spicy vegetable dumplings wok fried with eastern spices and a little twist of
the orient. Vegan Friendly


All menus and prices subject to change

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