Food Delivery Service

To help customers that might be stuck in doors and unable to get outside due to the existing Coronavirus threat, we are opening up our delivery service

You can place orders online or call us on 01733 595445 to place an order over the phone

Our online menu on Little Red Chilli is a slightly shorter and discounted. If you order from the regular a la carte menu, prices will differ

In this unprecedented situation, we are having to look after our staffs welfare and sometimes it means having far few staff than planned. We are expecting delivery times to be upwards of 1 hour but on some nights, it may take longer if it gets very busy and we are short of staff. So please be patient if there is a delay, we will try our hardest to ensure we get your food to you hot even if there is a delay.

Those ordering from JustEat, please be aware that its machines give us very little control and we are unable to provide the exact delivery times JustEat quotes to you, but be assured, we are working very hard to get your food to you as soon as possible.

Our preferred ordering website is Little Red Chillias it give us far more control over orders and interaction with our customers.

Indian Food delivery Service

A new concept in Indian Food Delivery


Place your orders on line through : Little Red Chilli

Little Red Chilli cooks up the great quality Banyan Tree food that you expect and delivers it to your door inĀ  Peterborough and surrounding areas.

Having a separate service for the delivery side allows the restaurant kitchen to remain focused on the restaurant business without compromise. Little Red Chilli focuses on delivery customers with a dedicated operation to cater for the high demand. Little Red Chilli provides all the popular dishes on a shortened menu that’s designed to make sure all the items travel well. In addition, online ordering allows us to maintain lower prices.



The Banyan Tree Indian Food Delivery service