Tandoor Grilled succulent Lamb Chops

Our cuisine represents a cross section of the major regions of India but is predominantly what is termed as Moghlai cuisine. This is primarily served in northern India and was greatly influenced by the Moghals… ..Persian descendants of the Mongals. This embraces the flavours of the Indian content to produce stunning cuisine that has become a hallmark of India and where Delhi is its home.

All our food is prepared using traditional methods and is unashamedly Indian and without a “Twist of the West”. This enables us to provide food that is authentic yet innovative in its use of ingredients.

All of our dishes have been carefully selected for the individual taste, character and availability of ingredients. We have a wide selection of Poultry, Lamb, Seafood and Vegetarian dishes which can be accompanied by a delectable choice of authentic breads. Our preparation methods and choice of ingredients allows us to cater for Vegetarians and Vegans for whom we have a fabulous selection of dishes that are hard to find on any other menu.

Goan Fish Curry

We use only fresh whole spices in our cooking and blend them to create distinct flavours. Each of our dishes have been carefully selected for the their individual taste and character marking them apart from the “usual suspects” found on standard “Indian” menus.

The food is prepared by well qualified and experienced Chefs who understand the importance of quality ingredients and how they can be harmoniously be used to create subtle flavours and textures.

The finest wholes spices available

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