Murg Korma

A malai chicken tikka cooked in a mild cream and coconut sauce.


Kadai Murg

Chicken tikka with a mix of peppers and crispy onion in spiced sauce.


Murg Chettinadu

Marinaded Chicken in a whole garam massala and grated coconut curry.


Kodi Kura

Chicken cooked with sun dried red chillies, black peppercorns and fennel seeds.


Murg Makhani

Char grilled Chicken in tomato base with methi and cracked black peppercorns.


Murg Tikka Massala

Succulent chicken tikka pan cooked on the milder side of medium.


Mysore Chilli Chicken

Chicken in coconut, peppers, tomatoes, sun-dried chillies and mustard seeds.


Saag Murg

Chicken Tikka cooked with spinach, green chilli, coriander and garlic.


LAMB Dishes

All of our Lamb dishes are tender, slow cooked and spiced to a medium level. They can all be spiced on request

Kadai Lamb

Slow cooked tender Lamb in an thick sauce with onions, peppers & tomato.


Lamb Korma

Tender Lamb cooked in a mild korma sauce made to a traditional recipe.


Nilgiri Gosht

South Indian style Lamb slow cooked in mint, coriander, cashew nuts & green chillies.


Bhuna Gosht

Succulent Lamb slow cooked in a medium heat sauce with whole spices & caramalised onions.


Lamb Kolhapuri

Maharastrian Lamb cooked with fiery chilli masala with rogan oil.


Lamb Zardalo

Slow cooked lamb in a dried apricots, fenugreek and caramlaised onion curry.


Lamb Rogan Josh

Tender lamb in spicy tomato, onion and fennel.


Saag Gosht

Classic lamb dish cooked with chopped spinach and spiced with ginger.



Our seafood is sourced from suppliers registered with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ensuring its sustainability.

Goan Fish Curry

Fish in a medium spiced tangy sauce with Goan red chillies & mustard. Fish has skin on one side, can be removed if required, please inform your waiter. Can be spiced up.


Kadai Prawns

Large firm Black Tiger Prawns tossed in our speciality spicy sauce with Peppers and Onions. If you like your prawns on the prickly side of medium, then this is the dish for you as it can be spiced up according to taste.


Snow Crab and Prawn Moilee

Succulent King Prawns & Snow Crab in coconut milk, South Indian green spices and fresh Neem leaves. Can be spiced up.



All of our Biriyanis are made using the best available Basmati Rice to very traditional recipes and served with a side of Raitha. If you require a curry sauce, please inform your waiter.

Hydrabadi Lamb Biriyani

Slow cooked with a lamb, spiced masala & caramalised onions.


Chicken Tikka Biriyani

Biriyani cooked and layered with Chicken Tikka & spiced masala.


Prawn Biriyani

Biriyani layered with King Prawns & spiced masala.


Subji Biriyani

Basmati rice with vegetables, rose water & spiced masala.



Where possible, we have ensured that our dishes are available as Vegan options and indicated on the dish. Please ask waiter if unsure. Side dishes can be served as larger portions with a small supplement on the price. While we don’t have a huge number of Paneer options on the menu, the chefs will be more than happy to cater for a particular dish where possible.

Massala Dossa

Savoury crispy crepe served with spiced potato, sambhar and coconut chutney.


Plantain Moilee

South Indian style plantain in a coconut & green spice curry.


Palak Paneer

Paneer in a fine spinach puree spiced with fresh garlic, ginger & green chilli.


Dal Makhani

Black lentils slow cooked in a mild and creamy sauce to produce an absolute classical North Indian speciality.


Paneer Reshmi

Paneer cooked in a rich vegetable sauce with tomatoes & peppers.


Mutter Methi Malai

Sweet peas in a rich creamy curry with fenugreek leaves and green chillies.


Bhengan Bhartha

Aubergine, grilled, chopped & wok cooked with coriander, chillies & garlic.



Dal Tarka

Yellow lentil with Jeera and dry red chillies in a rustic massala.


Suki Bhindi

Okra bhajji with tomatoes, onions and a pinch of red chilli.


Bombay Aloo

Potato curry in mild spices.


Saag Aloo

Potato with spinach. Vegan option available.



Peshawari Naan

A delightful tandoori bread stuffed with sweet Coconut and raisins.


Keema Naan

Naan bread with a stuffed layer of Lamb mince.


Lacha Paratha

Speciality tandoori bread with swirled and lightly puffed layers.


Mint Paratha

Speciality tandoori bread with swirled and lightly puffed layers & Mint.


Aloo Kulcha

Naan bread stuffed with spiced potato and coriander.


Malabar Paratha

Soft, Flaky, layered South Indian specialty bread.


Tandoori Roti

Traditional roti made from wholemeal flour.


Missi Roti

A crispy roti made with Chickpea flour, onions, green chillies and delicate spices.




Lasooni Naan

Naan bread with a sprinkling of finely chopped garlic.


Roomali Roti

Takes its name from its thin and wispy appearance. A finely baked tawa bread folded like a handkerchief.



Pan baked thin roti made from wholemeal flour.



Pilau Rice

Aromatic Rice cooked with mild spices.


Mushroom Rice

Rice embellished with mushrooms, garlic and onions.


Lemon Jeera Rice

Basmati Rice with Jeera (cumin seeds) and Lemon.


Sada Chawal

Fine Basmati boiled white rice.


Egg Fried Rice

Rice with eggs, garlic and onions.




Spicy option available.


Massala Poppodums

Madras pappad with a topping of onions, tomatoes, coriander & masala


Pickle Tray

Mint chutney, Mango & Lime Pickle, onions available on request.



Fresh yogurt with cumin and mild spices with chopped onions and mint.


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