Murg Korma
Chicken cooked in a mild cream based sauce without nuts.
Kadai Murg
Chicken tikka cooked with a mix of peppers and crispy onion in an above
medium spiced sauce. This will take a good level of additional heat, for those
in search of adventure please ask the waiter to rack the spice up.
Murg Makhani
Char grilled Chicken in a rich, mild tomato base with a sprinkling of methi and
cracked black peppercorns. This dish is served through out India from roadside
cafe to the fine dining table. For added flavour, ask for it to be spiced up.
Dhuaan Daar Murg
Dum cooked, lightly smoked chicken in a mild massala with the sharpness of
tomato that has been tempered with yogurt.
Murg Hadiwala
Traditional home cooked, succulent chicken on the bone in a spicy sauce and
finished with fresh chopped coriander. Extra green chillies always add more
Saag Murg
Succulent chicken pieces simmered with spinach and ginger giving a medium
spiced dish that can be made spicier if required.
Murg Tikka Massala
The classic Anglo Indian served in its finest form. Succulent chicken tikka pan
cooked in our speciality sauce which is on the milder side of medium.
Mysore Chilli Chicken
Julienne of chicken tossed in coconut & chilli massala with onion,capsicum
and tomatoes with whole red chillies and mustard seeds giving a medium
strength dish that can be spiced up if required.
Murg Chittinad
South Indian spicy chicken dish made with roasted red chillies, grated coconut,
poppy seeds and full flavoured whole spices providing a depth of character.

Lamb dishes

All of our Lamb dishes are slow cooked using the choicest tender cut and
spiced to a medium level. They can all be spiced up but its harder to make
them milder without compromising the flavour.

Daana Moti Gosht
Rich, deeply flavoured tender Lamb that has been slow cooked with a selection
of lentils to a traditional Rajesthani recipe using whole spices.
Lamb Rogan Josh
Tender lamb slow cooked in spicy tomato, yoghurt and fennel to a medium
heat but can be spiced up on request.
Kadai Lamb
Tender Lamb pieces, onion & green peppers slow cooked in an above medium
heat sauce with whole spices. This dish is suited to those who like their lamb
on the devilish side as it takes well to higher levels of chilli and garam massala.
If that’s you, then please do inform your waiter.
Lamb Korma
Tender Lamb cooked in a mild korma sauce made to a traditional recipe.
Dakshini Mumsum
Slow cooked tender lamb tossed in a heavily spiced South Indian sauce and
topped with Nim leaves and Goan Red Chillies. The spice level can be moder-
ated to your preference.
Saag Gosht
Classic lamb dish cooked with chopped spinach and spiced with ginger to a
medium level of heat.
Bhuna Gosht
Succulent Lamb slow cooked in a medium heat massala with whole spices and a
hint of caramelised onions. If you like your Lamb with more depth then this dish
can be adjusted to suite a more spice friendly palate, please consult your waiter.

Anda wala Keema

A highly spiced, course ground Mutton mince cooked with boiled hens egg.
Deeply flavoured with a lamb stock, ground spices, garlic and ginger. This is a
staple item on the Indian Street food scene and Cafes. This dish takes well to
extra green chillies if you are a thrill seeker.



Our seafood is sourced from suppliers registered with
Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ensuring its sustainability.

Tawa Machi
Pan cooked catch of the day in our speciality seasoning served on a bed of
lightly spiced Kejari rice. This is filleted with all the bones removed but on
the rare occasion, it may sometimes have traces.
Goan Fish Curry
The famous Goan speciality. Fish simmered in a medium spiced tangy sauce made
with coconut, whole Goan red chillies and mustard. Can be spiced up if required.
Kadai Prawns
Large firm Black Tiger Prawns tossed in our speciality spicy sauce with Peppers
and Onions. If you like your prawns on the prickly side of medium, then this is
the dish for you as it can be spiced up according to taste.
Jinga Hara Pyaz Massala
Black Tiger prawns pan cooked with onions, green peppers & tempered with
crushed black peppercorn giving a firm fleshy dish in a medium spiced sauce.

Vegetarian dishes

Where possible, we have ensured that our dishes are available as Vegan options and
indicated on the dish. Please ask waiter if unsure.
These are all served as side dishes but can be served as a main with a small supple-
ment on the price. While we don’t have a huge number of Paneer options on the
menu, the chefs will be more than happy to cater for a particular dish where possible.

Paneer Reshmi
Strips of paneer, tomato, green pepper and onion tossed in a mild spiced massala.
Palak Paneer
Picaata of paneer cubes cooked in a fine spinach puree.
Sukhi Bhindi
Fresh Okra pan cooked in whole spices. Vegan option available.
Dal Tarka
Yellow lentil tempered with Jeera and dry red chillies in a rustic massala.
Vegan option available.
Dal Makhani
Green lentils painstakingly prepared and cooked in a mild and creamy sauce
to produce an absolute classical North Indian speciality.
Soya Bahji
Green Soya beans pan cooked with fresh finely chopped spinach, garlic, ginger,
cumin and green chillies. A delicious, healthy and highly nutritious Vegan
friendly dish.
Bhengan Bharta
Smoked grilled plum aubergine, finely chopped and pan fried with garlic, green
chillies and coriander. Vegan option available.
Subj Panchmel
Beans, Mushroom, carrots, peas and cauliflower cooked in a richly spice and
invigorating massala. Vegan option available.
Aloo Gobhi
Florets of cauliflower stir fried with red chillies, coriander cumin, chillies and
ginger. Vegan option available.
Saag Aloo
Potato with spinach. Vegan option available.
Mutter Methi Malai
A delicious sweet green pea and fresh Fenugreek chowder that can be spiced
up with green or red chillies at your discretion.
Bombay Aloo
Potato in mild spices. Vegan option available.
Peshawari Pindi
A light Chick pea curry cooked with onions, tomato and fresh coriander.
Vegan option available.

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